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Copy Editing and Proofreading Services for Texts in English or Maltese


Just as you need a tutor to guide you in your research, you would benefit highly from having a proofreader to assist you with your academic writing. We recommend that you book before you start to write to profit from our guidance throughout your journey. Send us your dissertation, thesis, long essay or assignment, and you’ll receive an edited document in which spelling and grammar errors have been corrected via Track Changes. We’ll also write comments to highlight any problems and make suggestions about how to solve them. Tutors recommend our services because our work helps to improve readability, structure, clarity and flow.

Academic or Faculty

When you’ve spent so much time conducting research, analysing the data and compiling the results, the last thing you want to do is spend an eternity poring over the language of your paper or journal article. Send us your research study, presentation or publication. We’ll focus on the language while you free up your time to concentrate on concluding your work. If you’re going to publish a faculty magazine, we can help with that too.

Business or Corporate

So much to do and so little time! The last thing you want to waste your energy on is worrying about errors in your reports, manuals, presentations and other business documents. You want to be noticed for your products or services and not for your language mistakes. We’re here to help! We’ll also make sure your marketing material, publications, press releases, website and blog posts are error-free.

Entity or Body

With great power comes great responsibility! Sending a document off to print knowing that it is going to be distributed to every household in Malta and Gozo is a daunting task. Even a single typing error in an official document is frowned upon. Trust this to the professionals. We’ll make sure your calendar of events, programmes, flyers, booklets, articles, publications and adverts are on point.

“I believe that every PhD journey is a special and unique journey. I am proud to say that Ms Elizabeth Cortis (Proofreading Malta) accompanied me in my last phase of this long, yet enriching and satisfying journey. Still remember our telephone conversations late at night (when both our kids were asleep) and discussing and working on difficulties encountered by rephrasing parts after the professional proofreading Elizabeth provided me with. Elizabeth is very dedicated to her work, and her suggestions helped me to reflect on better presenting my almost five-year-old journey project. I really recommend Proofreading Malta as all deadlines set were adhered to, and proofreading was carried out to very fine detail.”

Dr David Debono, PhD in Educational Leadership, The University of Sheffield

“The Proofreading Malta team was a great asset to the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in preparation for the publishing of the season booklet. Apart from manifesting excellent proofreading skills, their commitment and dedication were evident throughout. Working at a fast pace to meet our deadlines, a particularly unique trait was offering suggestions rather than demanding changes, allowing a degree of artistic licence presented in the content.”

Jean Noël Attard, Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

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